Brain Surgery t…

Brain Surgery that i need

I just want everyone to see what this is now going to cost me due to this so called Obama care plan thanks and there is no way i will meet this goal on my own so please help me and my family please 

To: Kathrine Patterson Ms. Patterson, I have heard back from the hospitals finance department. After thoroughly looking into your Medicaid benefits and coverage, they have determined you only have out-of-state coverage for emergency hospitalizations only. With that said, we have determined that both Dr. Shahinian and Los Robles Hospital are out-of-network with your insurance. Consequently, you are responsible for the fees for the surgeon, hospital, anesthesiologist, pathology, etc. We will offer you a discounted cash package to cover the cost of all services related to your surgery and hospital stay should you decide to move forward. This discounted fee is $164,600.00. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this information. You may also call our office to discuss this information in more detail. Sincerely, Hetana Patel, MPH Business Manager Tel: 310.691.8888

I wanted everyone to see the e-mail i received today about my surgery now that this Obama care mess is going thanks a lot i know i will never reach that goal he really needs to take another look at what the heck he is doing because a person on s.s.i. like i am will never be able to afford this never are you kidding me please help me and my family please i can never do this alone never and still put three through collage and three grand kids as well Lord please hear my cry

News paper

News paper

I was in the local paper about my brain cancer and there is also a letter from the church attached as well so please help

Hello everyone my name is Kathy and I have brain cancer and need to have brain surgery and the surgery cost 64 thousand dollars we are trying to raise funds for I have 6 kids and 3 grandkids and I am only 42 yrs old and I am the soul family member for my kids for as I was a orphan myself so please I do not want to orphan them as well for I was lost all my life and don’t want to put them through it as well.